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You are a sports federation, an organizer or even a partner of a sports event and you want to broadcast your images as widely as possible?

Actua Sport solutions are made for you!

Live production

An expert in transmission since 1952, Actua Films offers you a high-performance live production equipment, adapted to all types of sporting competitions. Customized and accessible, this solution will allow you to access professional production tools at the best prices.

Sports event coverages

Expand your audience with the sports event coverage solution: from ready-to-stream to live-streaming, Actua's teams write and produce your content, adapted to the broadcasting channel of your choice (TV, digital, big screen...). In addition to media coverage, our ActuaPR department, which is very active in the sports industry, offers sponsors and partners the production of brand content and its distribution to more than 2,000 international media outlets.

Live transmission

Wherever the event takes place, Actua Films transmits your images live to television channels all over the world, via the transmission of a private signal (complementary to the international clean feed signal). Our Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicle transmits live HD live in real time, very quickly, wherever the news is present. Actua offers you optimal transmission quality and maximum transmission efficiency.

Reception desk

The production centres in Geneva and Paris are equipped to receive the feed from events and redistribute them to television channels around the world.

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