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With extensive experience in events, Actua offers solutions and content to support major public or private events (congresses, conferences, ceremonies, awards, fairs, festivals and exhibitions).

From technical solutions (recording, projection) to organizational solutions (staging, presentation), as well as broadcasting solutions (creation of live content, communication on social networks, press relations with international TV channels), Actua works for an organizer and also in the overall making of an event.

Event package

Shows, concerts, inauguration, conferences, product launches and private parties: depending on the format of the event and the needs of the organiser, Actua takes care of shooting with one or more cameras and broadcasting on large screens, television channels or social networks.


No matter how good it is, hardware doesn't make talent. Consistency comes through the expert eye of the creator. Adaptability, inventiveness and innovation inspire our audiovisual productions. Working closely with you, A2P identifies the strategic axes that transform a video into a vibrant experience. Customized to meet your communication challenges and objectives, our proposals give you the opportunity to see big and far.


A2P includes all the skills of audiovisual production. Our permanent team is composed of almost fifty immediately operational employees. Writing, pre-production, filming, editing and broadcasting: A2P manages and coordinates every stage of production.

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