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Actua, a pioneer in satellite transmission, is the first Swiss private operator to have equipped itself with a satellite antenna in the 1990s. With its ability to transmit a signal all over the world, Actua has transmitted all the major events of recent years, in the news and in sport.

Transmission centre

Two live studios are located in Geneva and Paris. The Geneva one is on a green background allowing to inlay any type of images, fully equipped, and ready to be deployed at any time. Paris offers an indoor and outdoor studio, both providing a breath-taking view of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The two centres are connected to the Eurovision network, Globecast or The Switch, by both optical fibre and satellite. Actua sets are perfectly suited for duplex interviews and operate 24/7.

Transmission truck

Actua's two transmission vehicles are the SUI-25 and the SUI-28. Both are equipped with a 1.50 m Advent NEWSWIFT antenna, two 400W CPI phase combined amplifiers, an 8 kVA Fisher Panda generator, a 40 square grid and Phabrix measuring equipment. These two stations meet the requirements of broadcast transmission. Moreover, a Ka antenna completes the system.
Based in Geneva and Paris, the SUI-25 and SUI-28 vehicles can be quickly mobilized throughout Switzerland and France.

Mobile antennas

Actua has three antennas, all EUTELSAT approved: Fly-Away (SUI-07 and SUI-09), a 1.90m Advent MANTIS antenna and finally a 2.40m Advent MANTIS antenna (SUI-60). The latter is equipped to transmit in C Band. The usual electronic equipment, switching grids, roadworthiness tests and protective tents are an integral part of our offer.


The streaming offer, thanks to a wide variety of tools such as Livestream's Mevo Plus cameras, makes it possible to provide technical solutions adapted to each event. "Light" or "Complete" offer, from filming to broadcasting, you can choose your service. Actua also has IT expertise for specific developments, in order to set up an improved streaming web platform.

Wireless transmission system

Actua operates with two complete Link Resarch HF transmission systems. Each unit allows you to transmit in HD with a camera control option from Sony, Grass Valley and Ikegami. It is possible to adapt the RF modules according to the request (Modules available from 1.95Ghz to 2.7 Ghz and from 3.2 Ghz to 3.6 Ghz). The standard V-lock battery accommodates a transmitter compatible with all cameras.

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