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Whatever the image or sound, the expertise of Actua Films professionals and equipment is guaranteed to overcome any challenges.


The footage is available on a secured server accessible to all editors. Sound and image can be synchronized in advance if necessary. The files are stored and classified in folders by: date, footage... in order to make the editor's work as easy as possible. Technology at the service of creativity.

Post-production Room

Actua's production centre includes 10 editing rooms available for post-production of your projects. Equipped with professional editing software (Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and audio and video monitoring, these comfortable rooms allow you to work in peace. The brightness in the room is also ensured.

Mobile editing kits

Actua offers technical solutions for editing on the field. Up to 10 mobile editing kits can be connected to a mobile server. This solution allows maximum efficiency, its deployment is easy and fast. This equipment is transported in specially adapted boxes to ensure its solidity.

Colour grading & Sound mixing

The post-production department offers complete solutions to finalize your projects. The operations are carried out in specially dedicated rooms for sound mixing and colour grading inside our premises. Our team creates a visual and sound atmosphere specific to each client. A small 4K cinema allows you to view the final version realised by the director and D.P. The 5.1 mixing room with a sound recording booth completes the system.

Ready to broadcast

The final medium, colour graded and mixed, is delivered ready for broadcasting, in compliance with the international rules of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The files are made from a standardized digital format and secured by international ISO standards. Providing the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) files is also part of our services offered by Actua's post-production department.

Media asset management

Actua offers tailor-made solutions to optimize the management and sharing of your digital projects in a centralized and secure way. Our digital laboratory takes care of the media asset management for your productions at any budget, from shooting to post-production, VFX and mastering. The digital platform is ideal for running your creative projects and is easily accessible via the Internet.

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