Thanks to their coordination services and logistics departments that work 24/7,

Actua is able to provide all the technical resources necessary to assure a full coverage of any event throughout the world in record time.



Our coordination service relies on all departments to set up expert solutions.

  • Shooting crew and studio bookings
  • Feeds and playout transmissions
  • Equipment rental

Our coordination department is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm (CEST),
and can answer your requests in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

In the case of emergency (only), there is a facility that enables operations to be managed 24 hours a day :

  • Telephone: +41 79 477 47 34

Our logistics department manages our fleet of equipment, our transport vehicles, our outside broadcast units, our satellite dishes

and prepares equipment for the rental service and special operations for our own needs or on behalf of our clients..

  • Preparation and packaging of technical equipment
  • Compliance with European standards and regulations
  • Organisation of Swiss and international transport
  • Preparation of customs documents


All of our equipment is referenced and kept in secure transport cases so that they are ready to be transported or sent away to wherever they are needed for assignments, at any time, 365 days a year.


equipment actua


Need a studio camera, an HF camera or an ENG camera in SD, HD, or NTSC?

Actua has a large selection of equipment available for hire.
When you hire Actua equipment, you are hiring perfectly well maintained equipment, quality objectives, full-capacity batteries and irreproachable maintenance.

For your special operations, our equipment is packaged in IATA compliant flight cases and we guarantee maximum ease of transport in all locations. We hire complete and practical systems that have been tried and tested in all conditions and on all 5 continents.
Our equipment is available immediately in Geneva and, on request, can be delivered to anywhere in the world.

From film to video to digital, Actua has always been at the forefront of technical requirements


Actua engineers also design then carry out technical projects such as :

  • TV broadcast studios
  • Transmission solutions in Ku, C and Ka Band
  • Production mobile units
  • Fibre and IP networks (streaming and webcast solutions)
  • Audiovisual installations (for public places, museums…)

Our Engineering department also offers:

  • Technical consultancy and advice
  • Tests for new standards and new supports
  • Equipment problem diagnosis and maintenance


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