Complete HD editing suite with EDIT-WHILE-INGEST capabilities, all in one vehicle.

The HD Editing Vehicle will allow you to:

  • Edit comfortably a news (sport,etc.), highlight or any other short project in a quick & pratical way
  • Capture 1x LIVE HD-SDI signal and be able to EDIT it directly, while it is being recorded (possibility to upgrade in a simultaneous 2x HD-SDI signal ingest)
  • Record a voice-over in a sound-proof space (inside the vehicule)
  • Check your footage/signal on a HD monitor
  • Output/export your news-cuts or editing via HD-SDI playout or directly onto an XDCAM HD (many other exports possible, please inquire)


Equipment list

  • 1x NAS Server Synology Disk Station DS414+
  • 2x Mac Mini i5 with SSD and 8 Go Ram
  • 2x Aja iO XT thunderbolt video cards
  • 1x MovieRecorder 2.0 licence
  • 1x FCP7 licence (optional: Premiere Pro or AVID M.C.)
  • 2x 23” Editing screens – Asus PB238Q
  • 1x BlackMagic SmartView 17” HD monitor
  • 1x M-Audio AV30 speakers
  • Micro Sennheiser + popstopper for voice-over
  • 1x sound booth USB/mic Rami PJO300 + 4x Channels mixer
  • 2x high quality headphones SONY MDR-7506
  • 1x XDCAM HD Recorder/reader PDW-HD1500