Complete portable Edit suite for 3/4 computers

This kit allows footage ingesting digitization of images and editing up to 3 – 4 people on latest Macbook Pro Retina, all simultaneously and in native HD. The medias are stored on a fast NAS server, which allows it to be used by all editors at the same time and securely. Every Mac has a ShotPut pro license that secures the copy medias as well as a fully licensed Adobe Creative Cloud, for a fluent edit on Adobe Premiere Pro in the medias NATIVE format (no transcoding for 5D or C300 footage for example). All equipment is contained in a PeliCase suitcase roller (waterproof + shockproof) that doesn’t exceed 35 kgs. Very handy for so-called «mobile» missions.


Each of the 3 Actua Kits contains :


  • 3x Macbook pro Retina 15»
  • Equipped with Premiere Pro CS6 & Final Cut Pro 7
  • 1x fast Synology NAS server with 12TB secure storage
  • 1x fast server Synology NAS 12TB securised
  • 2x hard drive USB 3.0 (for rushes backup, or footage transfer)
  • Beyerdynamic HQ mic + Shure X2u (allows easy and fast voiceover )
  • Card readers CF/SD/SxS USB 3