We are equipped with high end hardware and software equipment to convert and copy your video files in every format out there.

From transcoding a VHS to a DvD or upscaling your HD footage to 4K UHD, we offer a wide variety of real-time (and faster than real-time) conversions.

The same goes about duplication of your medias:  USB keys, DvDs or Blurays can all go through Authoring (creation of Menus and chapters), labeled and then finally copied (from 1 to 100 times!)

Here’s quick list of some of the things we do in our LAB:

  • DvD / Bluray authoring
  • Ingest & transcoding (HDCAM SR, XDCAM HD, RED RAW, Beta-Digital, SxS, AVCHD, MOV, WMV, AVI, etc.)
  • Transconversion in realtime = LIVE (PAL, NTSC, 4K, HD, SD, framerate conversion, H264, etc.)
  • Duplication of all medias and formats (USB, BDCMF, DCP, DvD, etc.)
  • Broadcast-ready preparation and validation (R128, SMTPE standards, EBU, etc.)
  • DCP creation, validation & duplication


Our lab is also equiped with a fully automated home-made transcoding Farm for a 100% client-side available service.