Fiber and satellite linked Studio

The 20m² studio green box is fully equipped and allows for excellent inlay in real time,

linked to the Eurovision network by optical fiber and to the rest of the world by satellite

The studio is perfectly suited to duplex set-ups and is operational 24/7.

Indoor studio

The studio has a direct view over the Eiffel Tower through large glass windows. They can be fully covered using black velvet.

The set is designed to accommodate 4 people for debates or journalists and guests for interviews.
It is linked by fibre optics and satellite for live broadcasts and duplex broadcasts.

Outdoor studio

An outdoor 1 to 4 camera studio offers a panoramic view over the Eiffel Tower on one side and the Arc de Triomphe on the other.
It is designed for duplex broadcasts and live sets.

Professional film set

The studio is suitable for recording TV programs, shooting films and photoshooting.
It is accessible directly from the outside by two large doors that are 4m in height.
It can hold up to 60 persons as a seated studio or up to 120 persons as a function room.

Description :

  • Studio of 100 m²
  • 2 adjacent control rooms
  • Double motorised and pre-wired lighting grill
  • Rail system, black velvet, fully hidden
  • Organ stop system
  • Three phase power block
  • Heating and ventilation system

Fully-equipped duplex cases

Broadcast cameras HD/SDI 16/9 or 4/3  with optic zoom, Sachtler tripod,
2 source lighting and 1 cinema lighting by 575W, hybrid telephone, audio control room,
hand microphone, shirt microphone, earpiece with pre-amplifier, 4 wire intercom
with microphone headset (100 metres of multi wires included)


  • HF stand-up position
  • Triax stand-up position (Sony DXC-50P)
  • Stand-up tent
  • Anycast control room
  • Fiber stand-up position
  • Telecast Fiber System
  • Live Link Fiber System